“I’m not changing”

“I’m not changing”

Outspoken Aussie Corey Cadby admits he will continue to be “aggressive” on the oche as he bids for World Series glory on home soil.

Cadby has been based back in Australia since reaching the UK Open final in March, having won his PDC Tour Card and claimed a ProTour title in a sensational start to the year.

His PDC career has been scuppered while his UK Visa is processed but 'The King' will be back in action against the big boys on home territory in Melbourne and insists he is out to make up for lost time.

"I can't wait for the darts in Melbourne to start as I have lost time to make up," Cadby told Live Darts. "I showed in a short space of time that I can compete at the top level and just can't wait to get started once more.

"It's not been easy just not knowing what is going on, as all the paperwork is in then you don't get told anything.

"The plus point is that I have had my amazing family around me. I got married to my beautiful wife, which was a moment that I will never forget."

Cadby has got two high-profile fans back in the UK - Phil Taylor and Gary Anderson - who both believe he has the ability to go all the way in the sport.

Cadby added: "To have Phil and Gary on my side, my confidence just lifts higher and higher and they are such good blokes. 

"They’re also legends of the game, what would darts be without Phil and Gary?

"Gary and I definitely won’t get along on stage but I’m so aggressive and we both want to win. We’re not here to lose. But they are good people and it’s great for me to have them on my side. I’ve had advice from both of them which is nice.”

Cadby who faces Simon Whitlock in Round One on Friday, has also vowed not to change his style now that he has made it into the PDC elite. 

He added: "Yes I am an aggressive player. It’s not just a game of darts, it’s the adrenaline, the walk-on. That’s just me, I’m not changing.

"I've really sat down and thought about it, I try to calm it down but that’s not me, I am what I am and if people don’t like it, don’t watch it. 

"Michael van Gerwen does it. If that works for him, that’s cool. But this is what I do.

"I'm as good as what my darts produce. I believe that I can be the best but at the end of the day it’s however the darts go on the day."

Article by Phil Lanning