Larsson & Kantele's PDCNB Wins

Larsson & Kantele's PDCNB Wins
Daniel Larsson and Marko Kantele shared victories on the latest weekend of the PDC Nordic & Baltic season in Gothenburg.

Sweden's Larsson - a four-time World Cup of Darts representative - took victory on home soil in Saturday's Event Seven by defeating Finland's Kim Viljanen 6-3 in the final.

Viljanen missed double 18 for a nine-dart finish during his semi-final win over Darius Labanauskas, but was unable to go all the way in the decider.

Sunday's Event Eight did see victory for another Finn, as Kantele overcame Labanauskas 6-5 in the final, landing a 12-darter in the deciding leg to take victory.

Kantele also qualified for October's final European Tour event, the European Darts Trophy, as he won one of the three PDCNB Qualifiers held over the weekend.

Labanauskas secured a spot in September's Dutch Darts Championship in Maastricht, while Swedish ace Magnus Caris won a place in the International Darts Open in Riesa.

Youngsters Nicolai Rasmussen and Hampus Norrstrom sealed places in the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship through the PDCNB Qualifier on Sunday, meaning that they will compete in November's event for the first time.

2018 PDC Nordic & Baltic TourEvent SevenQuarter-Finals

Darius Labanauskas 6-4 Madars Razma

Kim Viljanen 6-1 Oskar Lukasiak

Daniel Larsson 6-4 Magnus Caris

Mauri Tuutijarvi 6-5 Andreas Harrysson

Semi-FinalsKim Viljanen 6-2 Darius LabanauskasDaniel Larsson 6-2 Mauri Tuutijarvi

FinalDaniel Larsson 6-3 Kim Viljanen

Event EightQuarter-Finals

Darius Labanauskas 6-2 Johan Engstrom

Andreas Harrysson 6-5 Ricky Naumann

Madars Razma 6-4 Daniel Larsson

Marko Kantele 6-2 Per Laursen

Semi-FinalsDarius Labanauskas 6-2 Andreas Harrysson

Marko Kantele 6-4 Madas Razma

FinalMarko Kantele 6-5 Darius Labanauskas

European Tour Qualifiers

ET11 Darius Labanauska

sET12 Magnus Caris

ET13 Marko Kantele