Ricky Evans stunned by response to Baby Shark walk-on

Ricky Evans stunned by response to Baby Shark walk-on

Ricky Evans says he plans to stick with the 'Baby Shark' walk-on and may even consider changing his nickname after the success it brought him in Maastricht.

Evans enjoyed a sensational run to the final of the Dutch Darts Championship on Sunday before narrowly losing out to Ian White.

It was Evans' exploits off the oche, however, which stole the show after he opted to change his walk-on music to Baby Shark - a children's song which has recently gone viral.

The catchy tune has racked up more than 1.6 billion views on YouTube, while Evans' walk-on has already attracted more than 250,000 views across social media.

Speaking exclusively to Live Darts, Evans explained: "The week before, in Hildesheim, I made a bet with a couple of mates that if I won I would wear a naughty shirt, and of course I won so I wore the naughty shirt.

"This weekend, they said: "What are you going to do?" so I said I'll walk on to Baby Shark, Pen Pineapple or something stupid like that.

"It's just me, I'm a larger than life character, I won, so I had to do it.

"The feedback's been brilliant - I might have to stick with it now!

"I don't mind it and the crowd loved it on Sunday so who knows, it could be 'Rapid' no more and be 'Baby Shark'."

Evans £10,000 runner-up cheque has provisionally secured him a place in next month's World Grand Prix, as well as the European Championship and William Hill World Championship.

A former Shell garage worker by day, Evans has now quit his job to focus on forging a career in the top echelons of the sport and says his decision is already paying off.

"I was having a good year before last weekend but that has meant I'm pretty much in everything now," he added.

"Fingers crossed, I should be in every TV event.

"I know I can beat anybody, it's just doing it on stage.

"If I can get my floor game onto the stage then I can probably win these tournaments.

"It hurts watching any game on TV because you know you should be there but it just makes you want to practice more and be dedicated.

"That's what I've done this year, I've practiced a lot more, I've got a lot more time for darts and the rewards are there now.

"I don't work in the petrol garage anymore, I'm just playing darts so it's a dream."