Wright isn't convinced on Smith...

Wright isn't convinced on Smith...

Peter Wright will take on Michael Smith in the Premier League on Thursday in Newcastle and has started the war of words with the St Helens ace pre game.

Wright said in an interview with the Metro that he doesn’t believe ‘Bully Boy’ has the game to really worry especially over the longer format. He said that despite beating the big names he doesn’t have the consistency over the longer format.

‘I think he’ll struggle a little bit because everyone will raise their game to play him because of being in a World final, and a Premier League final,’ said Wright.

‘I don’t know. He should have won the World Series event, he should have won that one,’ Wright continued. ‘He was so far away in the World final, and then pretty similar in the Premier League final.

‘He has beaten Michael [van Gerwen] in the past but over that long distance I don’t know if he’s got the consistency.

‘Yeah he can real off 9 darters, 11, 12s whatever, but not over the longer distance. That proved it at the weekend when I played him.’

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