Get involved with the 2021 Unibet Premier League!

Get involved with the 2021 Unibet Premier League!

Fans can prepare for the start of the Unibet Premier League season with the chance to submit videos for the Fan Screen, download the 180 Card and buy programmes and merchandise online.

The 2021 Unibet Premier League season begins on Monday April 5, with four separate blocks seeing this year's event take place during April and May at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes.

While fans are not yet able to attend the events, why not get involved in the Unibet Premier League below...

Download the 180 Card!
Download the Unibet Premier League 180 card via this link - print your copy and write your messages of support for your favourite players!

Send in your photos & videos for the Fan Screen
You could see yourself on the Fan Screen in the Marshall Arena during the Unibet Premier League by sending in photos or videos.

Click here to submit your photos or videos.

Order the Unibet Premier League programme
The Unibet Premier League programme is available now and can be ordered online through Curtis Sport.

Costing just £4+ shipping and including a free 180 Card, the 76-page limited edition programme is packed with tournament & player information, features & much more - PLUS exclusive discount codes for Unicorn Darts and the PDC Merchandise website.

Click here to buy your programme.

Unibet Premier League Ultimate Cards
The PDC and Ultimate Darts have teamed up to bring darting fans limited edition collectors' cards ahead of the 2021 Unibet Premier League.

Nine limited edition 2021 Premier League Ultimate Darts Cards are available to collect and and are available in two sizes: medium (€17.50) and large (€25).

Click here to buy Ultimate Cards

Get your PDC & player merchandise
The PDC Merchandise website has a wide range of PDC and official player merchandise - plus Unibet Premier League event t-shirts.

Click here to visit the PDC Merchandise website.